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Dr. David and Joanna Hairabedian

David Hairabedian is recognized as a marketplace minister, reaching and teaching people in the workplace in addition to speaking in conferences, seminars, and churches for more than 15 years. He is best known for his unique teaching gift that results in accelerated growth in the lives of those present.  Holy Spirit Signs and wonders that focus on Jesus are often present wherever he and his wife speak. David is the author of the critically acclaimed redemption story, Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom, and has written 15 total books. DavidHairabedian.com
Joanna Hairabedian is the co-founder of Virtual Church Media, a not-for-profit organization. Joanna is an author, singer, songwriter, and author. Joanna’s a National Pageant Winner of three prestigious titles.  Her new Relationship Book  for Women 7 Mistakes Women Make that Repel Good Men (And How to Reverse Them)! is helping women around the world.  7MistakesBook.com  Inspired by a dream of being in Heaven, where Jesus showed her how he sees her.  As a royal princess with a beautiful dress and crown. He asked her to crown his daughters on earth and crown them, blessing them as His royal princesses. This was the start of her crowning ministry. She utilizes her crown and title to help speak, instill, and restore identity to women of all ages through the Princess Crowning Services.  Joanna’s Women of Royalty Conferences offer a safe environment for women to advance in their identity and become who Heaven destined them to be. Joanna is also a renowned women’s conference speaker who also operates in Holy Spirit signs and wonders as she plays the piano, sings, and speaks prophetically to women. She has ministered nationally and internationally for more than a decade. She and her husband speak as a team in venues around the world by invitation. To access their teachings, worship, audio series, videos, eBooks, audiobooks, and live streaming content, you can download their state-of-the art mobile app today. The VCM Mobile app empowers you for accelerated growth using technology, on-demand, from the palm of your hand.