Meet Israel Aggrey - 

Our Evangelist, Israel Aggrey, who helped host Reinhard Bonnke in his country of Nigeria in 1987, continues the legacy of soul-winning in the rural areas of West Africa. He and his prayer team of 30 also help when USA Teams arrive for larger funded crusades and outreaches in the urban areas of Nigeria.

With Israel’s team and the partnership of Virtual Church Media, we fed the hungry and preached the Gospel in Eataly Village, Nigeria, in 2020. This resulted in a total of 20,000 souls coming to Christ. Thank you for your participation in making this possible!

Last year, Etaly City was a place without electricity or running water. The average income is less than $500 per person per year. Our partners helped send the villagers’ beans, rice, onions, and Ramen noodles, and many of them came to hear the Good News about Jesus. Signs, wonders, and miracles accompanied the preaching of the Gospel; many were healed and delivered from demons, and 2/3 of the city gave their lives to Christ.

The two head witch doctors, ages 94 and 76, came against our Evangelist with witchcraft curses and were both instantly struck down with strokes by the power of God. “He who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind” (Hosea 8:7). God used this as a teachable moment for the witch doctors and demonstrated His power to the thousands of villagers held in bondage under these men’s authority.

The witch doctors were bedridden for 7 days until they repented of their involvement in HUMAN sacrifices and their decades of tormenting and manipulating the people. These two men raised their hands in surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord and dropped their sacrificial knives and witchcraft tools, burning them in the fire.
The Human Sacrifices have stopped!
The human sacrifices have ceased, and the people are rejoicing. The villagers are born again and free from fear and torment for the first time in their lives. There is now great joy in the city! They want to tell the surrounding villages about Jesus!

The African Vision

Last year, after the first 20,000 souls came to Christ in Eataly City, we purchased four acres of strategically positioned land for church services. The land has been cleared, and we are praying for the funds to build an equipping center to train the eager 20,000 souls to win the lost in the 55 villages surrounding Eataly. These surrounding villages represent about 2 million souls who have never heard about our Jesus!

 Fresh Water Well in Eataly City!
Two months ago, my wife, Joanna, had a vision while in prayer. She saw two giant angels striking the ground with their staffs near the new property of this waterless village, and water burst forth from the ground!

Obeying the Lord, we decided to hire a team to dig down until we found water. 800 feet beneath the surface, they hit bedrock and then struck freshwater. Using a gas-powered generator, Israel Aggrey and his team can pump water to the surface, providing perfect, clean drinking water for the people. It appears they now have an unlimited supply of fresh water in Eataly City. Jesus is meeting the needs of his children throughout this village, who are now proclaiming the Name of Jesus. They no longer have to walk 3 miles carrying water basins on their heads to survive each day.
 Because of this water provision miracle, another 1,000 souls came to Christ, proclaiming, “We now know Jesus is the ‘living water’ who gives us life!”
Because of these things, the miracle and healing testimonies have been "noised abroad."  Recently, 10,000 more souls came to Jesus from the surrounding villages.
We are preparing for another crusade, and an estimated 40,000 people from the surrounding villages are coming to hear about this miracle-working and soul-saving Jesus!