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Our Virtual Church Media Evangelist, Israel Aggrey, who helped host Reinhard Bonnke in his country of Nigeria in 1987, continues the legacy of soul-winning in the rural areas of West Africa. He and his prayer team of 30 also help when USA teams arrive for larger crusades and outreaches in the urban cities of Nigeria.
Africa Ministry Update 2024
Evangelist Israel Aggrey and his extended team of 300 volunteers just returned from winning 161,000 souls for Jesus in a rural area called Illuei Uttaih, Nigeria. This area of people has no running water or electricity, and their average income is less than $500 per year.  After being born again, they burn their witchcraft items as they denounce their false gods.  Now they want to be discipled with the Word and empowered with the Holy Spirit to go share Jesus with other rural villagers who don't yet know the Lord.  Our upcoming 2024 goals is to send our teams to establish, train, and prepare these new believers.  Click here to help send our Nigerian 2024 Discipleship Teams to equip the new converts. Here is a short clip from the recent Crusade. In addition, there is a powerful video of Evangelist Israel Aggrey sharing reports of "The man in the white robe," who appeared in dreams to more than 200 people, directing them to attend this event and be saved. And this video is from Israel Aggrey and his plans for 2024 to disciple the new believers in Illuei Uttaih, Nigeria.
The Virtual  Church Ministry Center in Lagos, Nigeria, is fully paid for. Watch the video of our new debt-free VCM Ministry Center in Nigeria, paid for by friends and partners of VirtualChurchMedia.com.

Our African Vision

In 2005, Aggrey conducted a city-wide crusade in Lagos at the National Stadium. 450,000 came to hear the Gospel and receive deliverance—a miracle or healing encounter—from the Jesus that Aggrey preaches. The Lord showed up with myriads of miracles, deliverances, and healings during these services (Matthew 28:19–20). Tens of thousands of people witnessed the raw power of God and gave their lives to Christ.  People often say of Aggrey’s crusades, “It’s like the Book of Acts is on full display again in the 21st century!“
High-level witch doctors who try to use their witchcraft against God's power confront Evangelist Aggrey and his ministry team wherever God sends them in Nigeria. Muslims have threatened him with machetes, knives, and clubs. At times, some of these opponents have suddenly dropped dead during these power encounters. On several occasions, the Lord directed Evangelist Aggrey to pray the prayer of faith over these dead bodies, and they would come back to life. Upon returning to life, the formerly dead person would immediately begin proclaiming Jesus as Lord and sharing their experiences of having been in hell until they heard Aggrey’s voice calling them back to life in Jesus’ Name. The people in the village rejoice at the power of God over hell, death, and the grave and then convert to Christ in droves. It’s like the power encounters and radical conversions from the Book of Acts all over again. The village people’s repentance is evident when they burn their witchcraft materials, often valued highly, and simultaneously renounce their old practices. Many former witch doctors are now preaching Jesus after these power encounters. Evangelist Aggrey and his teams then disciple them from the Word and then ordain and commission them for Christ to preach the Gospel.  Support/Donate

161,000 Souls Saved in Illuei Uttaih, Nigeria

Recent Pictures from Crusades with Evangelist Israel Aggrey and Team