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Tabernacle- Mp3 Format


Disc 1-Tabernacle of Moses

Disc 2-You Are The Tabernacle
Disc 3-The Tabernacle Lives In You
Disc 4-Outer Courts, Inner Courts, Holy Of Holies
Disc 5-Spirit, Soul, and Body
Disc 6-Releasing The Glory

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[para]Visit the order history and download the tracks right after you order. Click on the order number and
scroll down to see the links. We suggest that you use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer for
downloading the files as we have had complaints about Firefox not opening the download links

[para]You cannot directly download on a mobile device, you need to download it on your Computer and
then transfer it to mobile. Please wait for a few seconds for download to start after you hit the
download link. If you order ZIP files, you will need to unzip them first before they will be mp3s audio
files. Your files will reach the Downloads folder on your computer.[/para]
[para]If you still face any difficulty in downloading the files then we suggest you to browse the internet for
help. For ex- Google search “how to download and save files


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