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Joanna is the co-visionary of Virtual Church Media with her husband, David.  Joanna is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, author, and co-pastor of Virtual Church Media. Last week I was blessed to receive Joanna’s CD “Deeper Waters.” As I played it, I felt the anointing of the Lord come forth, and the deep peace of God rested on me. It was as if angels were singing over me. I played it again and again and put it on at bedtime, so I could fall asleep in that peace. Much to my surprise, it played all night, not stopping after the last track as it had done during the day. My CD player is very simple, with two buttons controlling play, pause, and stop. It has no provision to loop a CD to play continuously. During the day, as I played it, it would stop after all the tracks played.
I could not make it loop even though I tried. At night it played again until morning, and this continued for four days and nights. There is no natural explanation for this, and I praise the Lord for ministering His love and presence to me in this way. Joanna carries special musical gifting that opens a portal that allows the Holy Spirit to fully release His love and power, even to the breaking of strongholds. How I desire that everyone could experience this heart touch, and I pray that all who are able would hear this anointed music and be transported into the heavenly realm.

Thank you both for your ministry of love.

Lynne B, Orlando

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